An Introduction from Annesali's Owner/Founder

What does this business do?
Annesali Communications operates as a small business consulting company to help offer top-of-the-line communications products to those who don't have communications professionals on staff. Our main focus is publication design (brochures, newsletters, flyers, postcards, e-books, infographics, etc.), but Annesali's services expand towritingeditingsocial media (consulting and managing) and other various trainings.

Can I help you get started?
YES! In the past, I've had to TURN DOWN referrals and projects. The decision I made to pursue this opportunity (while managing to have some resemblance of a personal life) requires that I tell everyone I know to keep me in mind if conversations ever turn to needs for designers, writers, or editors. I am dedicated to meeting whatever demands come Annesali's way and am someone companies can rely on for quick turnaround and quality results. I also have talented colleagues in line to turn to as the need demands. 

For now, please like my new Annesali Communication's Facebook page. Your support will help spread the word of the business and keep you in the loop for updates. (And you know you want to stay in the loop!) 

What is your background/experience?
The past ten years have offered me a multitude of opportunities that allow me to be fully confident with the skills and expertise I bring to this business. I spent the last three years working as the communications director for the local Realtor association. In this position, I created the company's marketing and communications plans, which were executed through a variety of print, digital, and web mediums. I oversaw all design projects, all company writing and editing, and all social media and website activity. I also previously worked as an editor and designer of a publishing company specializing in educational materials for classrooms; as a news writer for the international publications of the LDS Church; and as an editor, writer, publication designer, and social media marketer for a variety of clients. Connect with me on LinkedIn

How did you pick the name?
I have 4 sisters, all of whom also have a name that ends with "anne." We have often talked over the years about starting various businesses together. My sisters are all awesome and each have many talents and skills. A few years ago, one sister and I came up with the name "Annesali" by taking the last part of each of our names "anne" and the first part of our last name (or maiden name) "sali." I'm honored to be able to use the name as I move forward with expanding my communications business. 

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