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Do you need an ebook designed? We can help. Do you need great web content to help optimize your presence online? We can help. Do you want to update your office brochures or create a regular newsletter? We can help. Do you want to utilize social media tools like Facebook or Pinterest? We can help.

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Word Crimes By "Weird Al"

Writers, editors, and all other grammarians—this one's for you. Well, let us clarify just a bit; this video is one that you are most likely to enjoy. The content however may be intended for a different audience.

How many business professionals struggle with grammar and word usage? If all these individuals were together in a room, and you had the opportunity to see how many fall within this category, you'd be amazed.

Less or fewer. Dangling participles. (What ARE participles anyway?) When to use a possessive pronoun. Who or whom.

These are common questions. Check out this Word Crimes video and keep coming back to Annesali.com to learn more.

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